Newsmax guest calls critical race theory “the road to the death camps”

Michael Savage: “Attacks on white people is exactly what was done to the Jews in Germany in the ‘30s”

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Citation From the June 21, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Cortes and Pellegrino 

MICHAEL SAVAGE (GUEST): My blood's boiling listening to Chuck Todd. I wanted to reach through the screen and smack him in the face. Does he have children? Can you imagine having a little child who goes to school and is told that he's no good, his race is no good? He's evil, his parents are evil, his nation is evil. These are the same SOBs who lectured us for 20 years about don't be a bully, tolerate everything. And now they're beating up white children in schoolrooms. And I'm not going to mince words. You cut me off if you have to. I know you probably agree with me. I can't take this anymore. And there's only one solution to it -- sue the goddamn schools if they do it to your child for child abuse, and you will win, because that's the only way to stop this. 

These children are being humiliated and hurt and damaged for life by a psychotic woman who came up with this lie called critical race theory, which is nothing but racism towards white people. No other race is targeted. I could go on. And I could go on and on. I've studied history. I know where this starts. I know where it ends. It started in the -- the same kind of thing started in Germany. The Jews were no good. The Jews did this. The Jews did that. The next thing you know they were being excluded from swimming pools. They didn't put them in concentration camps overnight. I studied this intimately. I am Jewish. I know how this starts. Attacks on white people is exactly what was done to the Jews in Germany in the ‘30s. Don't fall for this garbage. This is the road to the death camps. Stand up to these bastards and sue them.

STEVE CORTES (CO-HOST): Michael to that point, I worry --

SAVAGE: Other than that I have nothing else to say.

CORTES: Michael, I worry sometimes that if we continue to always use the phrase critical race theory that we might allow the left to hide, in effect. What I mean is they'll say, oh no, we're not teaching CRT. But they are, in fact, teaching some other version of anti-white racism. So I'd really -- I'd prefer to call it anti-white racism as a term because, let's face it, no matter what flavor this takes or what shape this takes, the goal always is to shame white people -- to shame white people and tell them that they have inherited guilt.