On Newsmax, Dinesh D'Souza criticizes Bernie Sanders: “The ideology is far more important than his Jewish identity”

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Citation From the November 6, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Rob Schmitt Tonight

ROB SCHMITT (HOST): Dinesh, it sounds like Bernie knows his base. 

DINESH D'SOUZA (GUEST): Well, it also shows that for a lot of people on the left, Bernie included, the ideology is far more important than his Jewish identity. And look, you know, there's a lot of effort here to talk about a very ancient doctrine, a moral doctrine called proportionality. But the doctrine is often misapplied because the idea of it is that, look, you've got to respond in a way proportional to the original attack. But think of what that would actually mean. If Israel were to do exactly to the Palestinians what the Palestinians did to the Israelis, they would have to go into the Gaza and capture a bunch of hostages and rape them and brutalize their babies and do identically to them what they did to the Israelis. Obviously, the Israelis are not doing that. They're targeting Hamas agents, Hamas targets. Now, when you do that, particularly for a terrorist group that is encircled with civilians and using civilians as shields, there will be some civilian casualties. But there's a huge difference between targeting civilians and civilians who get incidentally killed when you're going after military targets. 

SCHMITT: Well said.