Newsmax contributor says Trump is being impeached in order to provoke riots on inauguration day

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Citation From the January 13, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

HEATHER CHILDERS (ANCHOR): Dick, I'll start with you. just your thoughts on monitoring what's happening on the House floor today.

DICK MORRIS (CONTRIBUTOR): Well, I think there are two purposes to the Democrats doing that.

One, of course, is not removing Trump from office because they know there's no time for that.

But what they want to do is to lay the basis for a Senate trial in the future after Trump is long out of office in which they hope he will be found guilty by two-thirds of the senators. And then afterwards, by a simple majority, they can pass a rule or a law saying that Trump may never run again for any office. They're so afraid of Trump that they've determined to try to do that. And there's a chance they could succeed because a lot of Republicans want to run and they would like to see Trump out of the way. And they're a bunch of Republicans who are afraid of Trump and have kept their silence and now they'll be loose.

I think the second goal is I think they want to provoke riots on inauguration day. I think they want to provoke the country to a new round of rioting that they can use as talking points for the next two years.