Newsmax confirms bid for Newsweek, claims magazine would “objectively report the news” under its ownership

Media Matters has obtained the following statement from a Newsmax spokesman regarding its interest in Newsweek:

Newsmax Media, Inc. has made a bid for Newsweek. Newsmax Media is a multi-platform publishing company that produces a variety of print and electronic products covering news, politics, health, finance and lifestyle, with different editorial voices and perspectives.

The company's bid for Newsweek's print and online assets is congruent with its objective to diversify and expand into numerous distinct media brand offerings, like any major multi-title publisher.

Newsweek's staff, advertisers and readers can be assured that if Newsmax Media, Inc.'s bid is successful, Newsweek's stellar brand and editorial representation would remain distinct from our other brands. Newsweek would continue in its mission to objectively report the news and provide analysis from a wide spectrum of perspectives.


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