Newsmax attacks Fox News over reports that Fox Weather may take climate change seriously

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Citation From the October 25, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

HEATHER CHILDERS (ANCHOR): Fox News facing more backlash today following a series of recent controversies.

BOB SELLERS (ANCHOR): National correspondent Michael Carter brings us the latest on Fox going woke.


MICHAEL CARTER (CORRESPONDENT): There's similar confusion over FNC's stance on climate change. Fox is rolling out another weather channel, which says it's taking the climate issue seriously. Hard-left NPR gleefully reported how there's a seeming disconnect between what the Fox hosts often report about man-made climate change versus how the Murdochs run the company.


All of this has conservatives wondering if Fox is making a permanent hard-left turn.


CHILDERS: Ford, Fox News has also just launched a new Fox weather channel pushing a climate change agenda, apparently. This is what the Fox executive in charge of the new division told Variety - he says if you're asking about climate change, climate change is part of our lives. It's how we live, It's not going to be ignored. So your thoughts on their new weather initiative and climate change.

FORD O'CONNELL (GUEST): Well, climate change is the ultimate Trojan horse for socialism. It's societal manipulation. The Earth may or may not be warming, but any case we should destroy America and her economy to basically calm college-educated whites who might be anxious. We need to be very, very careful about how we label and talk about climate change, because climate change is the greatest gift for the Democrats to remake America into a more socialist economy. And I hope a lot of people wake up to what's going on.