Michael Savage condemns Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “puppet of George Soros”

Savage: “Zelensky challenged and provoked [Vladimir Putin] for years now -- ever since he was installed by Soros”

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Citation From the February 24, 2022, edition of Newsmax's Prime News

MICHAEL SAVAGE (GUEST): It's difficult to explain what is happening in that area without spending about an hour on it. And if I do so, I will sound like an apologist for Putin. And I think people need to understand the history of the region, which goes back at least a thousand years, and this conflict did not begin eight years ago. It did not begin 80 years ago, it began a thousand years ago. And I'm going to spend an hour on this tomorrow on my podcast, but for tonight, which is a news cycle, I would just like to say we need to understand who Zelensky is.

He is a puppet of George Soros. We have to understand the mindset of Putin, who is a dictator and a tyrant. But how Zelensky challenged and provoked him for years now -- ever since he was installed by Soros -- provoked the Russian bear by sticking him over and over again. Just two weeks ago, he said, we're going to buy nuclear weapons, we're going to fight Putin. And a State Department official in this country said if Putin invades, he'll go home with body bags. This is not diplomacy.

Now both the Ukrainian people and the Russian people have suffered throughout the centuries. We must emphasize they have both suffered throughout the centuries. But we must also remember that the Ukraines had Nazi divisions in World War II and the Russians never had Nazi divisions in World War II.


But there were Nazis in Ukrainian divisions and there still are Ukrainian Nazis. So when we hear Putin say, I want to take the Nazis out, for the last eight years there have been Ukrainian Nazis fighting the Russians . It's like World War II all over for them. So they never forget this.

The Russians have a very long history in their mind. So, Americans, I want to say, this -- like the underdog, whether it's in a sporting match or in a thing like this. They like the underdog, so it's natural for them to sympathize with little Zelensky. But he is a terrible man who has made a fortune in these few years he's been installed by Soros. So it's not as simple as little guy faces big guy.