Michael Reagan Needs A Vacation

It's actually kind of impressive how quickly Michael Reagan accelerates from zero to crazy in his latest anti-Obama diatribe.

Under the remarkably unremarkable headline “Obama's So-So Presidential Speech,” Reagan begins with a series of run-of-the-mill complaints: The president's Libya speech left viewers “in a state of confusion” and seemed ambiguous about the president's “ultimate goal in Libya.” And, of course, there's a boilerplate passage on President Obama's insufficient belief in American “exceptionalism.” Then, out of the blue, Reagan suggests America will not “survive intact” the remaining two years of Obama's term:

As I have said previously, Gadhafi must go. But to make that happen in a way that will benefit America, President Obama needs to have a coherent plan, and he must be able to communicate the “big picture” to the American people.

One is forced to wonder if this nation can survive intact for the final two years of his term in office.

In Latin, the word is “oremus” — it means “Let us pray.”


Wow. From “so-so presidential speech” to dire warnings of the end of America in fewer than 600 words. Like I said: Michael Reagan needs a vacation. Or at least a nap.