“This is the kind of thing that happened in Nazi Germany” -- Newsmax panel responds to Trump being banned from Twitter for inciting violence

Erin Elmore: “Every American should be absolutely terrified by this”

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Citation From the January 8, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Spicer & Co

LYNDSAY KEITH (CO-HOST): I am just getting word that Twitter has indefinitely suspended President Trump from his Twitter account. Obviously, he went on a lockdown for twelve hours from them and they have now indefinitely suspended him. This is coming in the likes of Facebook doing the same. You know, when I think about this what we're talking about here Erin with AOC literally calling on Twitter to do her dirty work and have tweets taken down that took her tweet the wrong way essentially. It's almost like you have the left who is now has the reins on social media and some ways that they are able to steer them and control them and get what they want. But it's interesting now we have a sitting president who's literally been banned forever from social media.

ERIN ELMORE (GUEST): This is the kind of thing that happened in Nazi Germany or in Venezuela or communist Cuba or China. This is not American. Every American should be absolutely terrified by this. How the left just sits back and Michelle Obama gave a speech this kind of behavior should continue. It is really scary and every American right, left, or center should wake up and say this is completely wrong. Right before this went on air, I don't know if this has been confirmed yet, the Apple store where you download your apps from your iPhone is gonna block Parler which is you know the conservatives answer to Twitter. And if that occurs my brain is just mush. Because what does that mean for conservative speech that now our iPhones are censoring us? I mean this is not America, we are really headed on a hegemonic decline as a country and we are on our way to communism.