Hosting Lin Wood, Newsmax host praises his effort to overturn election results

Wood reiterates that he will not vote in the January 5 runoff

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Citation From the December 10, 2020, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

GREG KELLY (HOST): Lin Wood joins us on the phone right now. The attorney who's helping the president with his legal battles in Georgia. Lin Wood, that was an amazing event. I was fired up. Are you as fired up today right now and are you as optimistic today as you were last week?

LIN WOOD: Well thanks for having me on, and the answer is yes. I'm just as fired up if not more. And I am just as optimistic as I have ever been. I have believed from November the 3rd on that Donald Trump won a historic landslide election in this country.


KELLY: I want to ask you about the runoff. You drew a little bit of heat last week because well you had some -- you were skeptical about. hey, what's going to happen on January 5? Are we going to participate or not? You know, the people interpreted your remarks in all kinds of ways. How do you stand right now on the January 5 Senate runoff? Should Georgians get out there, especially Republicans, and vote?

LIN WOOD: I take the same position now that I took at that rally. The January 5 runoff is a runoff based on an unlawful and illegal election in Georgia. There was fraud in the special mail -- the absentee mail ballots. There was computer fraud in the voting machines, which are owned by China.

Why in the world would you go and vote in another rigged election? I have not told anyone not to vote. What I have said is that Kelly Loeffler needs to support an investigation into the fraud, demand that the governor of Georgia hold a special session of the legislature to fix it. David Perdue ought to do the same thing.

The people in Georgia are mad. They know who they voted for. They know their votes were stolen. And I believe that Sen. Loeffler and Sen. Perdue owe it to the voters, the people, to fix that November 3 election.

And if they don't, I tell you right now, I'm not going to -- I'm not a -- I don't live in Venezuela, I'm not going to go vote in a rigged election because you're going to be validating and affirming that it's OK to do so. If you start voting in one rigged reelection, you have turned over the power in this country to the highest bidder that can buy the election.


KELLY: Lin Wood, thank you, good luck, come back soon, and whatever you're doing down there, keep it up.