Accusing Obama of “pimping” his book, Newsmax host says that the former president started a race war

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Citation From the November 30, 2020, edition of Newsmax's The Chris Salcedo Show

CHRIS SALCEDO (HOST): President Barack Hussein Obama has been pimping a book.

Many of you won't be surprised to learn that he remains every bit the liar he was when he occupied the Oval Office. With Beijing Biden picking out the curtains already, recycling former Obama administration officials who he hopes will one day run America's government, I was reminded of just how dreary and dark the Obama years were for America.

A war between the races, yet another reason to avoid Obama's third term. That's the reality check we provide in tonight's preamble.

Let's leave aside the socialist anti-Americanism, the anti-cop movement, the lackluster economy, the decimated military, and policies that aided America's enemies at every turn on the international stage.

One of the biggest reasons why we conservatives are fighting so hard to keep socialists from returning to the White House is that race relations took a nosedive during the Obama years, remember? Obama and Biden did their best to use race as a weapon to advance their Marxist agenda. It's no accident that antifa was imported here from Europe and [Black Lives Matter] was born on Obama's watch.

In short, Obama and Biden set up a predicate. With their enablers in the press, they did this -- that opposition to socialist democrats was tantamount to racism.

If you opposed high taxes -- racist. If you wanted the law enforced equally, well, you're a racist. If you demanded free speech and the right to disagree with any left winger on any matter -- racist. Collectivist thought is so un-American that it can't stand on its own here, That's why reprobates like Obama weaponize race to force your compliance. Here he is keeping the race war that he started going by attacking Hispanics who voted for President Trump.