WorldNetDaily's Kohn: “evidence” suggests Kerry having an affair with New York Times reporter

Without citing any sources, in a May 1 WorldNetDaily "Exclusive Commentary," author Bob Kohn claimed that “evidence suggests” Senator John Kerry is having an affair with a New York Times reporter. Under the headline “Gray Lady goes to bed with Kerry,” Kohn wrote, “Evidence suggests that a New York Times reporter covering the Kerry campaign may be sleeping with the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party.” The “evidence” that Kohn presented is a laundry list of instances he insisted demonstrate bias on the part of The New York Times or instances from which he inferred that the reporter had special access to Senator Kerry. He all but named the reporter by citing specific passages from articles with her byline; then he cited serial fabricator Jayson Blair as a source for his charge that New York Times reporters trade “favorable” stories for sex. For example, Kohn wrote:

Leaving aside the interesting question of how this female Times reporter learned that Kerry “rarely finishes” watching the movies he started, you just have to wonder what is going on here...

In his book “Burning Down My Masters' House,” Jayson Blair described how Times reporters, both male and female, are commonly offered theater tickets, free meals, drinks and sometimes even sex in exchange for favorable mentions in their stories. A large number of journalists at the Times, he says, “have a weak spot for sex.”

Do the Democrats have another Bill Clinton running for president?

Bob Kohn is the author of Journalistic Fraud: How The New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted, which is published by the conservative WorldNetDaily press WND Books. Kohn is currently the vice chairman of the board of Borland Software Corp. and chairman of, a comedy record label.