So Much For The Liberal Media

I can't wait to see how Newsbusters and the GOP Noise Machine spin this information (from today's New York Times) into more proof of how liberally biased, and how deeply embedded into the pocket of the White House, today's press corps is [emphasis added]:

Still, the Pew study found that Mr. Perry received the greatest proportion of positive coverage of any candidate May 2 through Oct. 9. The recipient of the greatest proportion of negative coverage was President Obama.

During no week in the five months studied was coverage of Mr. Obama more than 10 percent positive. On average, it was judged to be about 57 percent neutral and about 34 percent negative. “These numbers are very stark for Obama,” said Tom Rosenstiel, the director of the project. Even the week in early May that Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda, was killed, the positive sentiments were far outnumbered by negative ones. “That was striking,” he said.

UPDATED: From the new Pew Research Center study on candidate media coverage: