NY Times can't decide if Trump tear-gassing peaceful protesters for a photo-op is front page news

Tonight, President Donald Trump used tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and rubber bullets to clear peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C., all so that he could stage an awkward photo-op in front of a church that did not want him. The entire stunt was reportedly in response to reporting by The New York Times over the weekend that Trump had been rushed to a bunker during earlier protests outside the White House.

On its website, the Times clearly indicated what was going on:

NYT website 6/1/20

Citation The New York Times

And yet, that story was nowhere to be seen on its first print edition:

NYT front page 6/2/20

Citation The New York Times

This shouldn't be difficult, and yet, so often for the paper of record, it seems to be a problem in the Trump era.