New York Times Pushes Evidence-Free Suggestion That Clinton Lied About Classified Emails

The New York Times published another speculative, counter-factual article in its campaign to scandalize Hillary Clinton's email use, this time insinuating  that the former secretary of state is lying about having never sent classified emails during her tenure.

Clinton made clear that she “did not email any classified material to anyone on my email,” during a Tuesday press conference made necessary by a manufactured scandal created by earlier shoddy reporting from the Times.

Providing no evidence to contradict Clinton, the Times turned to “some security experts and former government officials” whom they claimed “were skeptical.” According to the Times, "Anyone who has tried to pry information from the federal government may have been surprised on Tuesday by Hillary Rodham Clinton's assertion that in all her emails in four years as secretary of state she never strayed into the classified realm."

The Times actually undercut its own reporting, burying the fact that Clinton issued a statement making clear that "Classified information was viewed in hard copy by the secretary while in the office.

That statement further explained: “A separate, closed system was used by the Department for the sole purpose of handling classified communications which was designed to prevent such information from being transmitted anywhere other than within that system, including to outside email accounts.”

The Times' reliance on baseless speculation to insinuate wrongdoing adheres to the framework it established when first reporting on Clinton's use of a personal email account.

The New York Times was already forced to walk back their sloppy reporting on Clinton's emails -- after which the publication's public editor admitted conceded the story “was not without fault” and “should have been clearer about precisely what regulations might have been violated.” Despite the initial report's suggestion that Clinton violated federal record keeping rules, the Times' key source later clarified that she in fact did not “violate” the law. Others in the media have consequently retracted their own baseless claims made in the rush to scandalize Clinton's emails after Times' report.