New York Times Omits Key Facts To Fabricate Dishonest Clinton-Obama Fundraising Scandal

The New York Times omitted key facts it had previously reported to dishonestly accuse Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration of selling political favors to an Ecuadorean family in exchange for campaign donations. Excised from the Times reporting is the fact that prominent Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio, have the exact same relationship with the donors that the Times is now portraying as a problem for Democrats.  

“Ecuador family wins favors after donations to Democrats,” the Times headline claimed. The article detailed the decision to grant a travel visa to a “politically connected Ecuadorean woman,” and argued that the decision to do so was connected to “tens of thousands of dollars” the family of the woman, Estefania Isaias, has given to Democratic campaigns.

According to the Times, “the case involving Estefania could prove awkward for Mrs. Clinton,” based on the fact that she was Secretary of State when members of Congress were advocating for travel visa for the relative of two Florida residents seen as fugitives by the Ecuadorean government. 

The Times fixated on political donations given by the Isaias family to Democrats as if it were news, but the Times already reported on the money the Isaias family has given to elected officials in a March 11, 2014, article. Moreover, that prior article noted that potential Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio and Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen had also aided the Isaias' at the same time their political campaigns received donations linked to that family -- facts absent from the more recent piece.

In March, the Times made clear that the family gave significant campaign contributions to Florida Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who “acknowledged trying to help the family with immigration troubles.” The Republicans sent letters -- in one case directly to Clinton herself -- inquiring into the immigration issues surrounding members of the family or advocating on their behalf.

“The family gave about $40,000 to Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, whose district members live in,” the Times reported then. “Last month, she acknowledged to The Daily Beast that while she was chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee she sent four letters to top American officials, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, then secretary of state, advocating on behalf of three members of the Isaias family who had problems with their residencies. She called it 'standard practice' for constituents.”

That detail is absent from this week's Times article. 

Here's the Times in March: “Mr. Rubio, whose political action committee received $2,000 from Luis Isaias, also made 'routine constituent inquiries' into immigration matters for two family members, his office said.” In December, Rubio's advocacy vanished from the Times.

Additionally, while the article suggests in its opening paragraph that Estefania Isaias was given permission to enter the country in 2012 in direct response to the donations from her family, she reportedly received the same access on six prior occasions dating back to the first restrictions on her movement in 2007 under the Bush Administration. Indeed, the Times reported in the 23rd paragraph of its article that a spokesperson for Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) said the senator's office had gotten involved with the Isaias case because “because Ms. Isaías had previously been allowed to travel to the United States six times despite the ban, and the decision to suddenly enforce it seemed arbitrary and wrong.”

Conservative media are exploiting the Times' shoddy reporting -- reporting that doesn't stand up to basic scrutiny in light of what the Times itself has previously reported. 

“Clinton State Dept Pulled Strings for Menendez in Pay-to-Play Deal with Dem Donor,” the Washington Free Beacon headline claimed. “Controversial Ecuadorian Family Donated About $100,000 to Obama ... and the State Department Returned the Favor,” is the take over at The Blaze. The Daily Caller: “Sen Menendez Pushed Hillary Clinton To Grant Visa For Daughter Of Ecuadoran Bank Fugitive.”

Taking The New York Times' lead, Rubio's and Ros-Lehtinen's advocacy on behalf of their donors is nowhere to be seen.