Fox's Mollie Hemingway: NY Times publisher says “Trump's rhetoric is dangerous and divisive. This week The New York Times hired ... a virulent racist.”

From the August 5 edition of Fox News' Media Buzz

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): So [A.G.] Sulzberger is a 37-year-old, new publisher at the Times. He put out a long statement saying he told the president his rhetoric was dangerous. “I warned that this inflammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and will lead to violence.” Now I understand him wanting to defend the paper. But do you think that that goes a little too far?

MOLLIE HEMMINGWAY (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I think there are two problems with his statement. One is that if inflammatory rhetoric causes violence against people, I think the media should be thinking about their inflammatory rhetoric against Republicans, which we have seen in recent years have led to actual shooting, shooting of congressmen, other threats on people's lives, people getting arrested routinely. If that's true, even though I think personally that people are responsible for their own actions and you can't blame the rhetoric, then the media have a lot of hard questions to answer. The other thing is he says Donald Trump's rhetoric is dangerous and divisive. This week The New York Times hired Sarah Jeong on their editorial page. She is a virulent racist and they defended it as if it's not a problem. They need to hold themselves to the high standard they're holding others.


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