David Brock Calls On The New York Times To Issue “Prominent Correction” To Sloppy Clinton Email Reporting

Media Matters Founder and Chairman of the Board David Brock called on The New York Times  to issue a “prominent correction as soon as possible” after publishing what he called a “wholly inadequate” article about Hillary Clinton's use of a non-government email account during her tenure as secretary of state.

In a March 2 report, the Times insinuated that Clinton violated the law by using a non-government email address while serving as secretary of state. The Huffington Post published an excerpt of Brock's letter on Tuesday.

“Michael Schmidt's March 2 article alleging that Hillary Clinton may have been 'breaking rules' by using a personal, non-government email account while serving as secretary of state has unraveled under scrutiny, and I am writing to ask that the Times issue a prominent correction as soon as possible,” Brock wrote. He concluded:

The Schmidt article failed to meet the highest journalistic standards that readers expect of The New York Times. Since it was published, the Times has been leaning on other reporters to vet the story after the fact. Our hope is that after reviewing the situation, the Times will do the right thing and correct this sloppy, innuendo-laden report in a prominent place.

 Read Brock's open letter to The New York Times: