What Does The Guy Who Wrote The Myth Of Heterosexual AIDS Think About Climate Science? NY Post Investigates

Michael Fumento

Michael Fumento was once fired after it was revealed that he was writing in favor of industry interests while receiving money from those interests and authored a book titled The Myth Of Heterosexual AIDS. The New York Post now thinks you might want to know what he thinks about climate science.

The Post published an op-ed by Fumento on December 5 titled “Global-warming 'proof' is evaporating.” In it, Fumento falsely suggested that a slowdown in recent temperatures means that “previous warming may not have been man-made at all” and compared accepting man-made climate change to “cult beliefs” and believing “before Columbus” that the Earth was flat (yes, Fumento appears to need a history lesson about Christopher Columbus in addition to a science lesson).

Like many pseudo-scientific “experts” on climate change, Fumento previously downplayed the dangers of cigarettes while receiving money from the tobacco industry. In the 1990s, Fumento was on the advisory board of the tobacco-funded “Advancement of Sound Science Coaliton” while downplaying the addictive nature of cigarettes and the dangers of secondhand smoke in the media.

It wasn't the last time Fumento took money from powerful industries while writing in favor of them. In 2006 Bloomberg BusinessWeek revealed that Fumento had received $60,000 from agribusiness giant Monsanto while writing columns in favor of both agribusiness and Monsanto. Soon after the revelation, Scripps Howard News Service canceled his syndicated column. Afterwards, Fumento published a public appeal for “patron support” for his writing, boasting that some of his published articles “have 50 hyperlinked citations in pieces only 900 words long.”

Fumento, who is a lawyer and has no scientific training, has also previously pushed scientific misinformation. In 1990, Fumento wrote The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS; it only sold 12,000 copies, which he attributed to a conspiracy against him that included his own publisher. Despite the sensationalist title, Fumento did not actually argue that heterosexual people cannot get AIDS. Rather, he suggests that because rates of AIDS are low for the white, middle-class heterosexual people who do not use intravenous drugs, the U.S. is spending too much money on the issue. In order to downplay heterosexual transmission rates, Fumento stated in 1992 that former basketball player Magic Johnson, who contracted HIV, would “eventually probably” be “outed,” and in any case probably has more opportunities to “have intercourse with inner-city black women than would a promiscuous heterosexual white basketball player.”

Conservative media have increasingly turned to charlatans such as Fumento for climate denial as the extensive evidence for man-made climate change only grows stronger.