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Right-wing media say the deep state is coming for Eric Adams

After The New York Post suggested Joe Biden may be orchestrating Adams' legal troubles, a longtime Post staffer told Semafor that the newsroom is sick of the “push from the top to lie”

In recent days, conservative media figures have begun pushing baseless conspiracy theories claiming that President Joe Biden is taking revenge on New York City Mayor Eric Adams for speaking out about undocumented immigration into the city.

On November 2, federal officials raided the home of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ chief fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, as part of a larger ongoing corruption investigation into the mayor’s fundraising practices. According to The New York Times, prosecutors, alongside the FBI, are inquiring into whether Adams conspired with the Turkish government to receive illegal donations surrounding plans for the Turkish government to build a high-rise consulate despite concerns over the building’s safety. Days after the raid, federal agents seized at least two cellphones and an iPad from Adams as part of the inquiry, later returning them.

Adams has disagreed with Biden and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul over immigration policy for months, leading up to a fiery town hall meeting in early September where the mayor claimed an influx of migrants “will destroy New York City.” Right-wing media personalities have latched onto these statements and concluded Adams is under investigation as part of a broader retribution scheme by the president for not agreeing with him.

Semafor reported that the New York Post has received internal backlash for its promotion of baseless claims about Biden’s involvement, with one longtime staffer telling the publication that the newsroom is getting sick of “the “push from the top to lie.”

    • On his Daily Wire show, Michael Knowles argued that the investigation into Adams “doesn't have anything to do with campaign donations.” He added, “This guy spoke up against something that the liberals have to support, which is endless mass migration, and he broke the script here.” [The Daily Wire, The Michael Knowles Show, 11/13/23]
    • On his show, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk said that Adams “flew a little too close to the sun” and said, “This is typical Stalinistic FBI Southern District of New York tactics.” He added, “You're trying to tell me it's a coincidence?” He added, “Of course not. Joe Biden and his government ordered a hit and he said, ‘Raid it.’” [Salem Media, The Charlie Kirk Show, 11/2/23]
    • Kirk described the FBI’s raid of Adams’ staffer’s home as “Mafioso tactics.” He went on to say, “Even if Eric Adams was bought by the Turkish government, what is the worst thing Eric Adams could do as mayor of New York in advancement of Turkish interests?” [Salem Media, The Charlie Kirk Show, 11/3/23]
    • On Newsmax, Greg Kelly said, “I just think they’re trying to send Eric Adams a big message here somehow.” He added: “They went out of their way to let the world know that the FBI stopped and frisked him, so to speak.” [Newsmax, Greg Kelly Reports, 11/13/23]
    • The week prior, Kelly claimed the mayor was being targeted in an “authorized takeout by the Biden administration.” On the seizure of Adams’ devices, Kelly said, “I think it was ordered by the Biden administration,” quickly adding, “I do not have proof." [Newsmax, Greg Kelly Reports, 11/10/23]
    • OutKick’s Charly Arnolt said of Adams, “It feels like anyone who tries to speak out against what’s going on in our country immediately finds themselves in hot water.” She said, “Let’s talk about Mayor Eric Adams. The timing of that seems very peculiar to me,” following up by saying the investigation is “interesting timing, isn't it?" [OutKick, OutKick The Morning, 11/13/23]
    • On Fox & Friends Weekend, co-host Will Cain said, “The DOJ’s also going after Eric Adams, the mayor of New York.” He added: “I mean, coincidentally when he starts speaking out about the administration's failures on illegal immigration.” Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy added, “If you want to send a message to any dissenters, that’s the way you do it.” [Fox News, Fox and Friends Weekend, 11/11/23]
    • National correspondent for Fox News Matt Finn tied the two subjects together on Jesse Watters’ show. He said: “Adams has been an outspoken critic of President Biden's border policies, and it is now President Biden's Justice Department that is leading the investigation into Adams and associates.” [Fox News, Jesse Watters Primetime, 11/10/23]
    • The New York Post editorial board wrote an editorial titled “Are the feds targeting Eric Adams because he criticized Joe Biden?” [New York Post, 11/10/23]
    • The conservative political blog RedState published an article titled “FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Eric Adams' Phones, Speculation of Biden Payback Runs Rampant.” [RedState, 11/10/23]
    • Right-wing commentator Lance Wallnau posted about connecting the “dots” between Adams’ immigration comments and the investigation. He wrote: “Mayor of New York criticized Biden for his immigration policy and what happened? The FBI starts investigating him. Does nobody connect these dots? Guarantee HE IS!” [Twitter/X, 11/13/23]
    • Right-wing podcaster Robby Starbuck wrote that this is “Biden settling a beef.” He wrote: “Democrats let other Democrats get away with everything. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is anything but Biden settling a beef he has with Eric Adams because Adams committed the sin of highlighting Joe’s open border disaster. If he covered for Joe, Joe would cover for him.” [Twitter/X, 11/10/23]
    • Conservative radio host Clay Travis posted about the Adams investigation, saying “They want to terrorize anyone who challenges them at all.” He wrote: “Eric Adams said Joe Biden was doing a bad job on the migrant crisis and now Biden’s FBI just seized Adams’s cell phones and iPad as part of an election investigation. Probably a total coincidence.” In a second post, he wrote: “Remember the initial FBI raid occurred on the exact same day Adams was scheduled to attend White House meetings on the crisis at the border. They don’t even bother hiding any of this now. They want to terrorize anyone who challenges them at all.” [Twitter/X, 11/10/23, 11/10/23]
    • Ashley St. Clair of the Babylon Bee posted a timeline suggesting the investigation came about because of the comments. She wrote: “September: Eric Adams slams Biden on migrant crisis, ‘This is just wrong.’ October: Eric Adams visits Mexico to tell migrants ‘New York City has reached capacity and we don’t want to turn your aspiration for dreams into a nightmare.’ November: Eric Adams investigated by FBI.” [Twitter/X, 11/11/23]
    • PragerU’s CJ Pearson posted that “Eric Adams started criticizing Joe Biden on the border and then all of a sudden his office is getting raided?” He added: What a coincidence.” [Twitter/X, 11/10/23]
    • Failed Michigan gubernatorial candidate turned podcaster Tudor Dixon wrote, “Looks like Mayor Adams is getting the Donald Trump treatment after criticizing Joe Biden’s handling of the migrant crisis.” [Twitter/X, 11/10/23]
    • The Spectator’s Chadwick Moore posted, “New York City mayor Eric Adams, who embarrassed the Biden administration over the migrant invasion, has his phones, iPad seized by the feds.” [Twitter/X, 11/10/23]
    • Tom Fitton of the conservative legal organization Judicial Watch wrote, “RETALIATION?” linking to a piece by the New York Post on the investigation. [Twitter/X, 11/10/23]
    • Right-wing YouTuber Vince Dao posted, “As much as I dislike Eric Adams, the FBI is only after him because he started criticizing Biden.” He said, “The mafia tactics of this administration are shameless and obvious.” [Twitter/X, 11/10/23]