Fox host and GOP senator agree that Republicans “got the facts wrong” and intentionally “torpedoed” border security bill to help Donald Trump’s campaign

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Citation From the April 18, 2024, edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto 

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): You're a real gentleman about this and I know you're not trying to zing your colleagues. but it's your colleagues in your party, sir, who torpedoed this, who didn't get the facts right on what you just outlined was in that measure. They killed it. Ironically, not Democrats. 

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (GUEST): Right. It was and it was painful to be able to watch.

It got stirred up in all the presidential politics and several of my colleagues started looking for ways after President Trump said, "Don't fix anything during the presidential election. It's the single biggest issue during the election don't resolve this, we'll resolve it next year."

Quite a few of my colleagues backed up and looked for a reason to be able to shoot against it and then walked away. I get that, that's a decision everybody makes and my issue is if we're pursuing everything, we very often end up with nothing. If we're pursuing someone coming later to fix it, later seems to never come. When we have a moment to fix things, we should fix as many things as we can, then come back later and fix the rest. 

CAVUTO: That's on Donald Trump, Senator.

LANKFORD:  Again he's got an office that he's running for. He's got a campaign that he's running, I'm already in office, I've got a responsibility to be able to carry on this.