Fox guest: There is an “invasion” of immigrants at the border, and Democrats “see a voter registration line”

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Citation From the April 29, 2021, edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto 

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Ken, the Dreamer stuff, the immigration reform stuff, I mean, well telegraphed, well played, consistently said on his part. Actually, you know, a -- a number of politicians' part, but nothing about this out of control situation at the border, or even a reference to it. What did you make of that?

KEN CUCCINELLI (GUEST):  Right. Yeah, he used the word "crisis" I think ten times in the -- in his talk last night, but never once with reference to the border. And it's -- it's truly backwards to be talking about mass amnesty. I mean, he's talking about millions of people getting amnesty while we have a flood at the border, an invasion going on that he has inspired.

And they haven't taken a single step to slow that flow. This is so backwards, I've never seen it this bad. And there's always been, for two decades, an understanding that for immigration reforms, like the DACA question that he raised, those come behind security solutions. And they've made all the security situations so much worse.

And now, essentially, their play politically is we're going to sweep aside that consensus of discussion of decades of doing security first and move straight to amnesty, which just begets more illegal aliens crossing the border and more amnesty. That's what the invitation is for. 

CAVUTO: Yeah, that's what I was just -- well that's -- that's exactly what I was going to ask you, I mean, if you -- if you're looking for a message and to send a direction or a hint out of the White House, he couldn't have been more clear that those who have been amassing at the border can continue doing so, right?

CUCCINELLI: Oh, absolutely. I mean, you and I look down there, we see a crisis. They see a voter registration line. I mean, he talked about the two amnesty bills that have gotten out of the House. He was talking about H.R.-1, their voting bill, which would register to vote, automatically through state databases, millions of these folks who are here. 

And the bill says "individuals," not citizens get registered to vote. So, this is all part of a bigger plan, but it's causing disasters in communities across the country. But it is a bonanza if you're a Mexican drug cartel member. They're making a killing off it, literally.