Fox guest claims mask mandates are why “the number of cases took off”

Gary B. Smith: “I really do think this is to make Trump look as bad as possible”

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Citation From the October 26, 2020, edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto 

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Now I'm wondering with the numbers, the doctors saying, "You know, urge caution." People gotta get back to doing what they should be doing: the mask wearing, the washing their hands. I get all of that, but what's odd about this is some of these spikes are occurring where people are doing all of that, and I -- I think that adds a little bit to the street anxiety here, as the possibility that we might have to -- I'm not saying re-shelter but at least slow things down. I know that hit retailers, that hit airlines, it hit cruise lines, the idea that this recovery period is gonna take longer than thought. How real a threat is that?

GARY B. SMITH (GUEST):  Well, I definitely think it's a threat. It depends on, you know, for the foreseeable future, who really has the President's ear? I'm hoping it's Dr. Scott Atlas because he has shown in documentation, in research, in what he says, that lockdowns don't work. When we've had lockdowns, as soon as the lockdown is lifted, spikes occur.

Masks don't work. The same way. As soon as the -- in fact, you going through state by state when there's been masks mandate, and the number of cases took off.

Look I think, honestly, the -- the sensitivity, the number of false positives you have -- you know, the fact that the survival rates is still well over 99.5% for anyone under 70. If you will, the mainstream media is painting this again, and I -- I really do think this is to make Trump look as bad as possible. Because I guarantee one thing that's gonna happen, if Biden is elected, you are gonna see a -- a curve of chore that you've never seen before. I know that's conspiracy theory, but that's really what I think is gonna happen.

CAVUTO: All right -- you're entitled to your thoughts. I think a lot of this is real without playing the media game here. Some of these are genuine concerns here that we shouldn't dismiss.