Neal Backs Out

Last week conservative radio host Neal Boortz issued a challenge via Twitter:Boortz tweet

Boortz's challenge came after Media Matters shone a spotlight on his claim that President Obama's reelection represented a bigger threat to the United States of America than Al Qaeda and Adolf Hitler.

After Boortz issued his challenge, I replied via Twitter:

Boortz tweet

Media Matters scheduled an appearance through Neal Boortz's producer and the debate was set up for today from 10:05 to 10:20 AM - or so we thought.

After Media Matters followed up to confirm the debate,  Neal's producer emailed explaining the debate time that was previously discussed had been booked, and that no future timeframe was available for the debate to take place - a debate based on a challenge Boortz himself issued.

Have a listen to what Boortz did instead of debating Media Matters:

I stand behind my willingness to discuss this issue with Boortz, and Media Matters stands behind its willingness to debate our rhetorical adversaries at any time.