Ted Nugent To NRA News: Our Critics Are “Subhuman Mongrels”

Nugent: Writing About “The Ferguson Joke” Made Me More Popular Than Taylor Swift Or Beyoncé (He Isn't)

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent made a rare appearance on the NRA's radio show to call his critics “subhuman mongrels” and to claim people who “attack” the NRA are “not the same species as we are.”

During his January 15 appearance on the NRA's radio show, Cam & Company, Nugent discussed his upcoming appearance on Sarah Palin's Sportsman Channel reality show Amazing America with Sarah Palin. No mention was made by Nugent or host Cam Edwards of how the musician and conservative commentator recently mocked people with mental disabilities on Facebook while using the word “retard.” Palin has previously called for people who use that word to be fired (while making an exception for Rush Limbaugh). The topic also did not come up during a January 15 appearance by Palin on the NRA's television show on Sportsman Channel, which is also called Cam & Company. Instead, Palin called Nugent her “blood brother.”

Nugent turned from hyping his appearance on Palin's show to offering a rant against critics of him and the NRA, reviving his infamous “subhuman mongrel” slur. As Nugent's rant reached a crescendo, NRA News apparently muted him for several seconds:

NUGENT: So Cam [Edwards], don't ever question what you're doing because I know you get attacked like I do and remember that those that attack us are such subhuman mongrels, and if that offends anyone, tough. The people who attack us and freedom and gun owners and the NRA, they're not the same species as we are. They are some strange inbred Martian -- [audio cuts out] -- individuality, doesn't believe in independence, doesn't believe in freedom and you and I can be very proud that those kind of punks hate us.

In 2014, Nugent was widely criticized for labeling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”

Nugent also made an apparent reference to his controversial commentary following the decision of a Missouri grand jury to not indict the police officer who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Following the November 24, 2014, grand jury announcement, Nugent posted a rant on Facebook that attacked social justice advocates as “black klansmen” and claimed “millions” of African-Americans “slaughter” each other “every day.”

On NRA News, Nugent said that his comments on what he termed “the Ferguson joke” made him more popular on Facebook than musicians Beyoncé and Taylor Swift:

NUGENT: I had 28 million Facebookers, Cam. I eclipsed Beyoncé and Taylor Swift after the Ferguson joke because I dared to state the obvious, the common sense, the logic, the truth, and the evidence from such outrageous anti-human, anti-American escapades.

(Taylor Swift, with more than 73 million Facebook likes, actually has roughly 71 million more than Nugent's 2.3 million. Beyoncé, who has more than 67 million Facebook likes, has approximately 65 million more likes than Nugent.)