Student survivors of Florida school shooting call out NRA and legislators pushing more guns in schools

Emma Gonzalez: “They're not supposed to be listening to the NRA about our protection”

From the February 15 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): There are some legislators who say that the answer is more guns. More guns in schools. People being able to -- teachers, even students, perhaps, being able to bring in weapons. 

ALEXIS MICHAEL: I don't think bringing in more weapons would solve anything. I think that's just creating more violence. Abd I just think we need to take it away from people in order to actually make a difference. 


EMMA GONZALEZ: The government needs to understand and people in the government need to understand that we are not to be bought by the NRA. They’re not supposed to be listening to the NRA about our protection. They’re supposed to be listening to the people who are getting hurt about our protection and we’re the ones who deserve to be kept safe because we were literally shot at.


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