Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg slams NRA's Dana Loesch: “How hypocritical and disgusting are you?”

Hogg: “She's national spokeswoman, and as such, she's the national propagandist for the NRA”

From the February 25 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): How are you all thinking about trying to keep your movement in the headlines? 

DAVID HOGG: I mean, honestly, those trolls online are doing a great job of it. We're really trying to stay in the headlines by reacting to what the NRA is saying, trying to point out that -- what [NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch] is trying to do. I believe she's the CEO of the NRA. She's trying to distract people. If you listen to her talk to --

STELTER: She's a national spokeswoman for the NRA.

HOGG: Exactly. She's national spokeswoman, and as such, she's the national propagandist for the NRA. If you listen to her speak, she's not really saying anything. She's sounding positive and confident, and that's what she wants the people in the NRA to believe, her five million plus members. She wants them to think that she's on their side, but she's not. She's actually working with the gun manufacturers because -- 

STELTER: So you're trying to drive a wedge between the NRA leadership and its members. 

HOGG: Oh, I don't have to. She's doing that herself, honestly, because she's showing that she doesn't care about them. She doesn't care about police. She -- why do you think she's criticizing these people? It's because she's going after them and she wants her base to continue attacking them so she can sell more guns.

STELTER: Some of the criticism of the NRA, of Dana, very personally. Are you concerned that you might actually lose support if you get too personal, too incendiary? 

HOGG: Well, she's already done that by attacking Sheriff Scott Israel, who -- obviously, there were some major mistakes made here and ones that we have to look into. And I don't want to say anything until after the investigation's done because I don't know what happened. I'm just a student. I had to witness this horrifying incident. But honestly, how you can say that you support law enforcement if you're just constantly attacking them over this? How hypocritical and disgusting are you? These are the people that are trying to protect our lives. Did they make a mistake? Absolutely. Is that something that we have to fix? Absolutely. But there's a much bigger problem in Washington where they say that they want a -- they want -- here's what Dana's been saying as a spokesperson for the NRA. She says that she wants to continue to pass laws, she wants people in Congress to pass laws that help out with mental health and things like that, and she says she can't do that. Are you kidding me? You own these politicians. You've passed legislation that enables these bump stocks, which by the way aren't allowed at NRA shooting ranges because they're too dangerous. That's how bad they are. But continuing on with my point, she wants Congress to take action and says that they won't. Are you kidding me? She owns these congressmen. She can get them to do things. It's just she doesn't care about these children's lives.


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