NRA's Ted Nugent: Wendy Davis A “Puppet” Of “Scam Artist” Obama With An “Anti-American Agenda”

Adds That “History Will Show” He Was An “Asset” To Republican Abbott

From the February 25 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

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NUGENT: But again my frustration and my often times angry review of what the liberal Democrats have always done to destroy everything they touch, including Wendy Davis a puppet of Nancy “You don't need to read this, you need to sign it to find out what's in it” Pelosi and of course our favorite Attorney General Eric “Gunrunning” Holder and of course our favorite commander-in-chief, the scam artist, “You can keep your doctor, period,” etcetera, etcetera.


NUGENT: Everybody I know who is in the asset of American -- of America -- is proud, very proud to be job locked. We're locked in our dedication to be productive Americans. Wendy Davis and all the liberal Democrats could not represent a more anti-Texas, anti-freedom, anti-rugged individual, anti-entrepreneurial, anti-productive, anti-American agenda. We will not let Wendy Davis become the governor of Texas, and just recently -- I think it is time to celebrate on The Dana Show and I know you will join me as I dance -- that Greg Abbott experienced an 11 percent increase in his gap over Wendy Davis, which on my Facebook the millions of people attribute to the “Ted Factor.” So I'm on course, history will show me as being in the asset column. History will show that the liberal Democrats were in the liability column, and I know that will be true.


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