NRA's Ted Nugent Wants To Drive Over “Rotting Corpses” Of Al Gore And “Pathetic” Environmentalists

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent shared a Facebook post on September 9 showing off several cars and wrote (sic throughout): “Look closely & you shall see a huge leaking pipeline connected directly to a Saudi Prince's ass sucking massive quantities of rawcrude as I throttle relentlessly over the rotting corpses of mikeymoore & algore & all the pathetic greenies.” “Greenie” is a term for an environmentalist or conservationist. 

The day prior, Nugent falsely claimed in his column at The Daily Caller that fossil fuel production benefits wildlife, and wrote: “Conservation is indeed the 'wise use,' and like hunters and responsible consumers everywhere, we enjoy using God's creation wisely.”

Nugent's Facebook post



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