NRA's Ted Nugent Compares Harvey Weinstein To Nazi Propagandist Goebbels

National Rifle Association board member and conservative columnist Ted Nugent compared film executive Harvey Weinstein, who is Jewish, to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels over Weinstein's plan to make an anti-NRA film.

Weinstein recently appeared on Howard Stern's radio show and announced he was planning to take the NRA “head on” with a new film project involving Meryl Streep.

Appearing on the National Rifle Association's news show Cam & Company on January 16, Nugent said viewers of Weinstein's film “will see that Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky is alive in the form a fat punk named Harvey Weinstein and as he tries to destroy the NRA it will backfire on him.”

Nugent also called Weinstein a “subhuman punk,” a “brain-dead idiot,” “a descendant of the ultimate putz,” and added, “I don't know if Harvey Weinstein has had a lifetime of drug and substance abuse, but he certainly sounds like it. You have to be brain-dead to believe that the gun-free zones of Chicago and Nuremberg [Germany] in 1938 are a desirable condition.” He concluded, “Harvey Weinstein is on the side of criminals. The NRA is on the side of innocent victims protecting themselves from criminals.”

Nazi comparisons are nothing new for Nugent or the NRA. Nugent has compared President Obama to “a German in 1938 pretending to respect the Jews and then going home and putting on his brown shirt and forcing his neighbors onto a train to be burned to death.”

The host of an NRA-sponsored hunting show, Tony Makris, was also fired by NBC Sports last year after comparing critics of his elephant hunting to Hitler. In 2013, the Anti-Defamation League twice condemned members of NRA leadership for pushing a fraudulent history of the Holocaust that suggests restrictions on firearms were responsible for Hitler's rise to power.