NRA's Nugent Warns Of “Power Struggle Between The Different Races” As U.S. Becomes Like Nazi Germany

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent suggested that the Obama administration is causing a “power struggle between the different races,” in a similar manner to the events that preceded the Holocaust.

Nugent, who also represents the Outdoor Channel as a spokesperson, made his latest inflammatory remark while appearing on comedian Dennis Miller's radio show to discuss fallout from his widely condemned recent claim that President Obama is a “subhuman mongrel.” After Miller objected to Nugent's frequent comparison of his political opponents to Nazis, Nugent responded by comparing the Obama administration to Nazi Germany:

NUGENT: Well I got to tell you, Dennis, I just don't agree at all. There was an incrementalism to what happened in Germany and other places historically, where they came in slowly. And they started, you know, the power struggle between the different races, and the power struggle between different elements of society. And they incrementally worked their way in. And I think that's what Obamacare is, that's what I think most of what he represents. The IRS -- I really believe that what we see with the IRS can be compared accurately and historically to the early maneuvers of people like jack booted thugs, like the brownshirts. I really believe that and I think that you are being too soft on them, because --

MILLER: No, we just disagree Teddy.

NUGENT: I think he really wants to destroy America. I think he wants to follow the Saul Alinksy Rules for Radicals book, destroy our economy, have a -- I can't even think of the term right now -- but the war between the haves and the have nots, when the haves have because they try really hard and the have nots don't have because they don't try as hard.

Nugent will reportedly appear on the February 24 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront to discuss his “subhuman mongrel” comment. He was previously slated to appear on OutFront on February 19, but cancelled two hours before the interview, citing illness.