NRA's “Massive Obama Conspiracy” : This Is Sparta! Edition

new graphic appearing on the National Rifle Association store website analogizes the supposed existence of a plot by the Obama administration to disarm Americans with ancient Spartan mythology.

As the story goes, Persian King Xerxes' demanded that King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 Spartan warriors lay down their arms. Leonidas' refusal precipitated the Battle of Thermopylae. 

By implication, National Rifle Association is King Leonidas, NRA members are the 300, and President Obama is King Xerxes. The ad explains: “King Leonidas of Sparta defended what he valued with everything he had. To preserve our God-given rights, Americans need to do the same today by supporting the NRA in every way possible!”


The NRA previously referenced September 11 in fundraising emails sent on the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks. This year, the NRA marked the January 28 anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster with a NRA store advertisement that paired the likeness of assassinated President John F. Kennedy with an image of the smoke plume after Challenger exploded midflight. Recipients were encouraged to “pursue freedom” by buying NRA-stamped mugs, denim jackets, and other trinkets.

(h/t Protest Easy Guns)