NRA's Dana Loesch slams gun safety groups' tactics: It's like when anti-smoking campaigns tried to make smoking “look uncool”

Loesch: “It’s not just warfare legislatively, it’s psychological warfare”

From the April 18 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (NRATV HOST AND NRA NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON): According to the Rasmussen poll, 20 percent of registered voters in the United States now believe owning a gun is immoral. Immoral.     

LOESCH: I wrote in my first book that this was going to -- this was game plan to go after firearms and firearm owners. Similar in a way to what they did to Joe Cool (sic) the Camel for Camel cigarettes. They wanted to make him look uncool. They wanted smoking to be made to look uncool. And so it was [Michael] Bloomberg himself that said at a confab once that they were going to try that same exact approach where it concerned firearms and law-abiding firearms owners. Stop shaming me for my Second Amendment choices. That’s what it is, they’re shaming people. I thought shaming people was bad? But no, it’s OK right? Are we back to shaming people? Is there some sort of, I don’t know, like a guide book I can check? You're talking about a disarmament -- this is insane. We could sit here and talk about, I don’t know, like giving a pass to apprehending people who commit egregious crimes in the country. But no, we are shaming, we’re shaming firearms and shaming the people who own them to the point now where here you have this disarmament cult of followers that think the act of defending life with a firearm is wrong. But apparently what, just choosing to not do anything to defend life or doing nothing as you see evil being done against someone else, that’s not immoral? This is what we’re up against. It’s not just warfare legislatively, it’s psychological warfare. We cannot allow the 20 percent to become the 30 percent and grow from there. Because imagine what they would do to everyone if they were able to assume power.       


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