NRA spokesperson calls for Trump to shut down the government and the border over wall funding

Dana Loesch: “I would love to see the president... shut down the border, and then shut down the government, and then challenge Democrats to do something about it”

From the December 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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DANA LOESCH (NRA NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON): I would love to see the president, and I think the president could do this, he could just go ahead and shut down the border, and then shut down the government, and then challenge Democrats to do something about it. For those Republicans in congress who refuse to stand on their own, perhaps they would need a little urging from the President of the United States. This was the top issue why people voted, not just for this president but for this administration, and it continues to a top concern for voters across the country. They're concerned about border security. They're concerned about the influx of drugs and the advantageous, the exploitation of openings in border for smuggling, for the child sex trafficking, for -- I mean, you name it, there are numerous problems with border security, interior security as well. We could get into Visas. But just with border security, you know, one thing, I live in a border state. I live in Texas. I have been to the border numerous times. I have spoken with border patrol agents who serve every single day, they're there all day, working insane hours. I have spoken to numerous border patrol chiefs, everything that I have heard from these individuals, because initially, you know to be quite honest, I was a little skeptical about the idea of building something like a wall, a literal wall at the border. But they say, you know what? It is a force multiplier. And it will assist us in what we do. By itself, it's not going to help. But with everything else, it is a force multiplier. I want to listen to those people, and Washington, D.C. ought to as well. 


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