NRA Commentator: Paying Taxes On A Firearm Purchase “Is Rape”

Colion Noir, the host of a National Rifle Association web series and an NRA News commentator, compared the tax on a firearm he purchased to rape.

On February 23, Noir wrote on Twitter, “Just to own a rifle w/ a 15inch barrel I have to pay a $200 tax, wait 3-5months & BG Check & anti gunners want us to compromise. #ThatsRape”:

In response to a critic, Noir doubled down on his rhetoric, writing, “an arbitrary $200 tax on a gun I've paid 1-2k for is rape”:

Noir is likely referring to special procedures in place for purchasing firearms designated as Class III by the National Firearms Act. Individuals who wish to purchase fully automatic machineguns, short-barreled rifles, and silencers must apply to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and pay additional taxes and undergo a heightened background check.

Since becoming an NRA host and commentator, Noir has demonstrated a penchant for making inflammatory pro-gun arguments. Following the high-profile murder of two Virginia journalists who were shoot to death during a live television broadcast in August 2015, Noir warned the victims' parents not to “become so emotional” in response to the shooting that they would advocate for stronger gun laws. Andy Parker, whose daughter was killed in the attack, responded, calling Noir's commentary “insulting and disingenuous.”

Noir has previously been criticizing for running segments on his NRA web series Noir that fetishized assault weapons as attractive women. In the segments, Noir appeared to be praising the appearance and personality attributes of an attractive woman, but at the end it is revealed that instead he was talking about the features of a high-end military-style assault weapon.

UPDATE: After being criticized for comparing a tax on firearms to rape, Noir offered several justifications for his analogy on Twitter, arguing that rape was akin to the taking of property. In one instance, Noir wrote, “Your def of rape is myopic (only sex). True definition includes property”: