NRA board member Ted Nugent responds to anti-fraud lawsuit: “I’m Schindler but I got a whole bunch of more Jews that I’m saving”

Nugent and Alex Jones team up to give away 100 NRA memberships

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Citation From the August 7, 2020, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show  

TED NUGENT (NRA BOARD MEMBER): I believe that the attacks on the NRA are the attacks on freedom by freedom-haters and we all see and know who they are. Right now is the time to give away NRA memberships to everybody you know because if it drives the freedom haters that batty, let’s make them go crazy by getting more NRA--

ALEX JONES (HOST): And how do I do that? I am gonna buy 100 memberships today. I pledge 100 memberships today. How do I call? Do I call? How does the NRA do that?

NUGENT: I’ll tell you what, go to my website. There is a direct link to “Join the NRA” and a discount. Go to and there's NRA memberships and remember, the NRA is a civil rights organization. It’s about your right to self-defense. How more pure can you get?

JONES: And it’s 140 years old. And I know how nonprofits work, this is one of the beautifulest, best ones ever. If somebody in there did wrong, we were talking during the break, which you’re not saying they did, there’s no evidence of that, then they step down. You don’t get rid of the organization. She let everybody know, I’m going to abolish it because I’m going to take care of the members. That’s like saying I’m going to burn your house down because grandpa ate too many cupcakes.


NUGENT: We know this New York attorney general hates gun owners--

JONES: I was about to say, how can you have Hitler investigate, say, Jews?

NUGENT: It’s unbelievable. You know why they hate me, because I’m Schindler but I got a whole bunch of more Jews that I’m saving and the Nazis hate me for that.

JONES: Beautiful. Well, I believe the NRA's done nothing wrong. I’ve had them lie about me with financial stuff, it's total fiction, total fraud. The NRA does a great job, especially since you got involved. It’s really gotten hardcore and we love you. We need to get NRATV going again.