NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Compares Obama To A Nazi On Conspiracy Theorist's Radio Show

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent made inflammatory comments about President Obama and said Cubans “haven't figured out personal hygiene” during an appearance on an online radio show hosted by 9/11 truther and conspiracy theorist Pete Santilli.

Santilli, who has promoted conspiracy theories relating to the December 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and six educators dead, does little to hide the fact that he is a conspiracy theorist. The recorded introduction to his radio show says that it is broadcast from “FEMA region nine” and that the show's purpose is to counter “the New World Order, the global elite and their eugenics agenda.”

In an article posted on his website, Santilli shared a conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook shooting created by “911 truth Switzerland” that the massacre was a “satanic sacrifice” and posted images to his website that suggest the shooting was predicted by a map seen in the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises

Nugent himself has spread false information about Sandy Hook, claiming in his regular column at birther website WND that an assault weapon was not used in the massacre. Nugent's claim that the shooter used handguns originates from a video frequently promoted by conspiracy theorists who believe Sandy Hook may have been a government hoax.

In addition to pushing Sandy Hook conspiracies, Santilli links to a series of videos on his website that promote the fringe theory of Judy Wood that the Twin Towers were brought down by a “high-tech energy weapon” possibly fired from space. Santilli also promotes the work of William Cooper, an anti-government conspiracy theorist who was killed in 2001 after opening fire on law enforcement agents.

Here are five outrageous moments from Nugent's appearance on The Pete Santilli Show:

Nugent: Cubans “Haven't Figured Out Personal Hygiene Yet”

Discussing his lifestyle which involves abstaining from drugs and alcohol, Nugent recommended avoiding “fat chicks” and said that he would not “chew on a Cuban” because “they haven't learned personal hygiene yet”:

SANTILLI: You were inducted into the National Bow Hunter's Hall of Fame, by the way.

NUGENT: Yeah, you know I didn't invent the middle finger but I did perfect it in my youth. So I know that if you believe animals have rights, I promise I will kill an extra hundred just for you. Yeah, you know, I was raised to be honest and accountable and I'm sure you are on the phone right now, Pete, with the only guy you will ever talk to that has planted thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of trees. It's annual spring ritual at the Nugent house.

You see, I never poisoned my body. My parents taught me that my gift of life is embodied in the sacred temple. So no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco and no fat chicks. Stuff will kill you, Pete, I'm telling you, it's deadly. But I have been known to chew on a Cuban, that's a cigar. I wouldn't chew on a Cuban, they haven't figured out personal hygiene yet. But I do chew on a cigar once in a while when I shoot my machine gun around the camp fire.

Nugent Compares Obama To A Nazi

In discussing how the president “pretended to show respect and honor” when paying tribute to veterans at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, Nugent compared Obama to “a German in 1938 pretending to respect the Jews and then going home and putting on his brown shirt and forcing his neighbors onto a train to be burned to death”:

SANTILLI: Do you think right now we are in the final throes of implementing communism?

NUGENT: Well, you know, let's put it in the most heartbreaking frame, shall we? And you may have never heard this before, Pete, but I want everyone to listen, even the people that might be listening that hate me and want me to shut up. Just take a deep breath and give me a second here.

The President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama went to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. He did his smoke and mirrors scam. He pretended to show respect and honor, 58,000 American warriors who died fighting communism. And then he hired, appointed and associates with communists.

If you can't see through the dishonesty and the scamming of this president with that scenario fresh in your mind, then that's literally like, I guess that would be like, I don't know, a German in 1938 pretending to respect the Jews and then going home and putting on his brown shirt and forcing his neighbors onto a train to be burned to death.

So we really have a rotten, rotten man in the White House who I am convinced hates America, hates individuality.

Nugent Wanted To “Sock” Michael Moore “In The Throat” For NRA President Interview

During a commercial break, Santilli continued to broadcast his conversation with Nugent. In the recording, Nugent can be heard saying of filmmaker Michael Moore, “the man has no soul” and added that if he would have been there when Moore interviewed then-NRA president Charlton Heston for his Bowling For Columbine documentary that he would have “socked [Moore] in the throat.”

After Santilli Suggests U.S. Is Arming Al Qaeda, Nugent Says “The Devil Got [Obama] Voted Into The Presidency”

Reacting to Santilli's claim that the government is arming Al Qaeda in Syria, Nugent claimed that “the devil got [Obama] elected” and that the president is “pure evil”:

SANTILLI: Our politicians like [Republican Sens.] John McCain and Lindsay Graham and this communist-in-chief Barack Obama facilitating, supplying the Syrian rebels who are Al Qaeda. How do we stop these guys from doing this? I understand the War on Terror, going after Al Qaeda. But what do we say to all of the men and women who have given their lives trying to kill Al Qaeda and now we are supplying them. What would you say to McCain and Graham?

NUGENT: The reason the devil got him voted into the presidency, I mean I really believe the guy is just pure evil. 

Nugent Compares Former Obama Administration Official To Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Nugent, who has previously compared Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden to serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, revived the comparison during a rant that targeted Democratic politicians, current and former Obama administration officials and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

NUGENT: I've always been on the right path. The fact that the lowest forms of sub-human mongrels hate me, and I can name a few, [Minority Leader] Nancy “You Don't Have To Read This, You Need To Sign It” Pelosi, Michael “The Second Amendment Is About Deer Hunting On Weekends” Bloomberg. I mean, I could go on and on. But you look at the [Democratic Senator] Dianne Feinsteins and the Barack Obama and the gunrunning  Eric Holder and the [former Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton who refused to provide basic security for heroes of the American representation in the most dangerous areas of the world. I can go on and on. The criminality of [former White House Chief of Staff] Rahm Emanual and [former White House special advisor] Van Jones and [former Treasury Secretary] Tim Geithner. I have a good idea, Pete, let's appoint a tax cheat as Secretary of Treasury. Hey good idea. Then we will hire Jeffrey Dahmer to take care of the children's playground.