National Rifle Association Uses Baltimore Riots To Promote “Stand Your Ground” Laws

The National Rifle Association used riots in Baltimore to promote controversial “Stand Your Ground” self-defense laws by citing an article from conservative website that claimed such laws “are an antidote for brazen in-your-face attacks on city streets.”

In fact, several pieces of academic research indicate that “Stand Your Ground” laws increase the incidence of homicides. More generally, research has shown that allowing guns to be carried in public increases crime, particularly aggravated assault. “Stand Your Ground” laws have also been criticized due to research indicating that the laws are applied to minorities in a disparate manner.

On Facebook, the NRA wrote, “Videos of rioters wreaking havoc in Baltimore and photos of them risking the lives of innocents by punching, throwing objects, and, in one instance, drawing back a knife with which to stab a bystander were reminders that Stand Your Ground laws are an antidote for brazen in-your-face attacks on city streets,” borrowing language from a article that the Facebook post promoted:

The NRA helped draft the nation's first “Stand Your Ground” law, which was enacted in Florida in 2005. “Stand Your Ground” subsequently spread through legislatures nationwide due to efforts by the NRA and the American Legislative Exchange Council. In 2012, the law became highly controversial after the shooting death of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. The law would then play a substantial role in Zimmerman's acquittal on murder charges.