Fox's Chris Wallace: Marco Rubio “Seemed Almost To Unravel” In Debate

From the February 7 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): Your takedown of Rubio, and that's all I can call it, was the story of the night.


So governor what do you think last night's debate revealed about Marco Rubio?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Well first off I think it revealed something about what you need to be president of the United States. You've got to be tested, you've got to be prepared, you've got to be experienced, you've got to be ready and quiet frankly thats what I tried to show the folks that I am tested and prepared and ready and what I have been saying all week about Senator Rubio was on full display last night he just simply is not ready Chris. He is a good guy but he is not ready to be president of the United States.

WALLACE: You showed, and you have been a long time prosecutor, you showed how skilled you are at that as Rubio seemed almost to unravel like a witness under cross examination.


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