Fox Host Agrees With NRA Lie: Clinton, Obama Want To “Take Their Guns”

Charles Payne: “You May Go From The Frying Pan To The Fire If You're Someone Who Believes In The Second Amendment”

From the May 20 edition of Fox News' The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson:

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GRETCHEN CARLSON (HOST): Let's just talk a little bit about gun sales before Donald Trump comes to the stage here. Because, in the Obama administration, or in the last seven years, at least background checks, and presumably sales, have skyrocketed. 

CHARLES PAYNE: Absolutely, and it all began the month he was elected. November 2008, background checks went up 29 percent. It was the greatest month-over-month increase ever for background checks, and it's only gone straight up since then. 

CARLSON: Ok, so let's look at the seven years before, with 60 thousand -- 60 million. 

PAYNE: 60 million background checks the seven years before he became president, the seven years since, 129 million. By the way, the last twelve months, every single month has been a record month for background checks. That's because we've got Hillary Clinton who's talking about the Second Amendment, she doesn't agree with the Supreme Court's interpretation. So, you may go from the frying pan to the fire if you're someone who believes in the Second Amendment. 

CARLSON: Ok. Smith & Wesson's stock has skyrocketed as well. 

PAYNE: 1000 percent since November of 2008. The moment Barack Obama was elected, the stock was $2, it's been as high as $26, it's $23 right now. 

CARLSON: Ok. So, from a business point of view, obviously gun owners and people who want to own guns have been nervous under this administration. 

PAYNE: Absolutely they've been nervous. President Obama has wanted to take their guns. I don't think he's made any bones about it. They've tried different things. They've talked about taxing bullets and -- Listen, we know Hillary Clinton is really adamant about carrying on this goal of taking firearms from Americans. 


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