Four Crazy Moments From Ted Nugent's Wanted: Ted Or Alive Reality Show

The first episode of Ted Nugent's new TV show featured a variety of bizarre antics by the National Rifle Association board member and conservative columnist, including the rocker apparently killing a chicken by slamming its head into the ground.

On March 4 The Sportsman Channel aired the first episode of a miniseries starring Nugent. Wanted: Ted or Alive is a survivalist reality show where five contestants are dropped into Nugent's ranch in the Michigan wilderness to compete in physical challenges and earn money.

In October 2012, Nugent was featured in a different special on the Discovery Channel that was described as “an inside look at American gun culture.” While promoting Ted Nugent's Gun Country, Nugent promised to use the show to advance his views in the “culture war” and said to “expect that there will be at least a dozen shows a year.” Only one episode of Ted Nugent's Gun Country ever aired and following the December 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a Discovery Channel spokesperson stated that Nugent would not appear on Discovery “in any form or fashion.”

Here are four absurd moments from the Sportsman Channel program:

Nugent Kills A Chicken By Violently Slamming It Into The Ground

Nugent Hunts Contestants With A Paintball Gun, Repeatedly Shooting Them At Close Range

Nugent Makes Lewd Comment About A Female Contestant

Nugent Describes How Eating And Killing Are Part Of His “Spiritual Orgy”