EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: NRA Chief Lobbyist Cox Says “We Will Defend” Stand Your Ground Laws

At an event during last weekend's National Rifle Association annual meeting, NRA chief lobbyist Chris W. Cox said that the group doesn't “apologize” for its support for “Stand Your Ground” self-defense legislation in the wake of the killing of Trayvon Martin, adding, “We will defend our efforts. We will defend those laws.”

Cox's comments came during an appearance at Friday's workshop on “Grassroots Campaigning in a National Election Year” attended by Media Matters. The head of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action was asked by an NRA district organizer to defend the NRA's support of “Stand Your Ground” legislation given the controversy currently swirling around such laws.

COX: There's support across the board for the Second Amendment, there's support across the board, even post-media hysteria over the last few weeks, there's support across the board for legitimate self-defense. We don't apologize for supporting -- whether you call it a national right or a God-given right, legislation that recognizes our right to defend ourselves. The fact that other groups and other business entities and others are supportive of that concept of constitutional freedom, whether they're concerned about it from a Second Amendment standpoint or an economic freedom standpoint, that's not my position to be, you can call them and ask them, that's not my position to take, for debate, for them. We stand in strong defense of any effort to allow law-abiding, good people to defend themselves against criminal attack. We don't apologize for that. It's not a problem in this country. We will defend our efforts. We will defend those laws, and if others want to join that fight we will.

During a Saturday speech at the annual meeting, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre attacked the media for their coverage of Martin's killing, accusing them of “manufactur[ing] controversy for ratings.” The NRA's role in helping to author Florida's “Stand Your Ground” law and promoting similar laws across the country has in recent days become a focus of media attention.