CNN's David Drucker says people who want gun safety measures really need to understand the NRA better

Drucker: “The caricature is that the National Rifle Association, the NRA, is driving Republican policy on guns with campaign donations, and that's simply not the case”

From the February 15 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): If this were a terror attack -- all right -- what happens when one of those happens? They start taking a forensic look at how this was able to happen and what to do to stop it. The guy drove the truck onto the West Side Highway, how’d he get there? Barriers have to go up. How did he get into this country? How did he get the weapons? Who sold them to him? Right? All those different protocols. Not here. What makes this so frightening to Republicans?

DAVID DRUCKER:  Well look, I think the difference here Chris, and I think you bring up a good point here that is lost. I think in both in terms of the public and how the public looks at this and policymakers, that there are several components here, not just the gun issue, that need to be reviewed and could be reviewed that in fact may not be as politically sensitive as the gun issue is. But one of the reasons why I think nothing ends up getting done is because the gun issue is so politically sensitive on the right and I think it's misunderstood. And I think for people who want to do something in terms of new gun legislation, I think they need to have a better understanding of where Republicans are on the gun issue and where it comes from. The caricature is that the National Rifle Association, the NRA, is driving Republican policy on guns with campaign donations, and that's simply not the case. The NRA is a manifestation of committed voters who support the NRA because they are so committed to gun rights and that's what gives the NRA so much strength. And I think if Democrats had a better understanding of that, they might be able to work with Republicans easier, or at least have a better conversation. And I think that from the Republican point of view, if they were able to understand that what many Democrats, not all, but what many Democrats are trying to do is address incidents like this so that they don't happen again and it's not simply about a -- it's not simply about a gun grab or just taking away law abiding citizens' rights to bear arms, then all of a sudden the nature of the conversation changes. But that is where it always devolves into. And that's why we know this time, as in previous incidents, we don't expect anything new to happen in Washington.


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