CNN outlines the “embarrassing allegations” against the National Rifle Association

Everytown’s John Feinblatt: “It’s like watching a five-alarm fire, but what’s amazing about this is the NRA itself lit the match”

From the July 19 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

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SARA MURRAY (CNN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT): It turns out [former NRA President Oliver] North was one of the faces of the NRA that was actually financed through Ackerman McQueen. The ad agency also paid spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s salary, it crafted NRA marketing, placed ads during election cycles, and produced NRATV. The embarrassing allegations North warned about emerged online, posted anonymously and verified by CNN. They painted a picture of financial mismanagement at the NRA with [NRA Executive Vice President Wayne] LaPierre at the helm and North sounding the alarm. LaPierre makes $1.4 million from the NRA. On top of that, Ackerman picked up the tab for $275,000 for LaPierre’s high-end Italian clothing, $240,000 for his travel to destinations including the Bahamas and Italy, and $14,000 for an apartment for a summer intern. The NRA said they were all legitimate business expenses. A letter from North to NRA board members questioned the NRA's spending habits and the $24 million in legal fees the NRA shelled out over 13 months. The NRA disputes that sum. All of this dysfunction delighting the NRA's critics. 


JOHN FEINBLATT (EVERYTOWN PRESIDENT): It's like watching a five-alarm fire, but what's amazing about this is the NRA itself lit the match. I think that they are going to be hobbled and I think that this is just going to play out day by day, week by week, month by month,leading up to 2020. And it will keep them on the sideline. 


MURRAY: The NRA and Ackerman officially severed ties, shutting down NRATV as a result.


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