Bud Light Appears To Pull Sponsorship Of Ted Nugent Concert

Bud Light’s name has been removed from promotional websites for an upcoming concert featuring National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent.

The beer brand had been promoting an August 6 Peoria, IL, Nugent concert as a part of its Bud Light Concerts series.

On August 2, Media Matters reported on Bud Light’s sponsorship, noting that it was sponsoring Nugent even though in 2016 alone the NRA leadership figure promoted anti-Semitic content, used a racial slur against a Latino critic, promoted misogynist reasons why guns are better than women, shared a racist meme advertising the fake moving company “2 niggers and a stolen truck,” and called for Hillary Clinton to be executed.

Following publication of Media Matters’ post, Bud Light’s name has disappeared from promotional materials for the concert.

Here is how Bud Light was promoting Nugent’s concert:

Now the webpage says “Sorry, something went wrong. We could not find the event”:

The concert was previously promoted on the Bud Light Concerts homepage:

But it has since been removed:

Limelight Eventplex, the venue for the concert, previously listed Bud Light as a sponsor of the concert:

Now only Limelight Eventplex is listed as a sponsor:

A local radio station, 95.5 GLO Peoria's Classic Rock, had an article that advertised the Nugent concert:

That article has been deleted:

Media Matters has reached out to Bud Light for comment.