“Beanochimp”: After Anti-Semitism Controversy, NRA's Ted Nugent Turns To Hispanics

During a Facebook discussion about the Benghazi terror attacks, National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent called a critic with a Hispanic name a “beanochimp” and suggested the man should die.

On March 10, Nugent shared a video from conservative commentator Bill Whittle about the Benghazi attack, writing, “Hey GOP, why the hell isnt Clinton & Obama et al behind bars yet? Does anybody give a shit?”

Nugent previously called for Obama and Clinton to be hanged over the 2012 attacks.

In the ensuing discussion on Nugent's March 10 post, commenter Jorge Freixa told Nugent, “Ted, stick to music. I had way more respect for you before I heard your politics.”

Nugent responded, “all sheep agree with u uncaring soulless America hating punk. FkU. ES&D beanochimp.”

Nugent then “liked” a comment telling Freixa to “Go back to El Salvador.”

Nugent frequently uses his Facebook page to spread his bigotry to nearly three million followers. In February, Nugent caused widespread controversy after posting an anti-Semitic image to his Facebook page. Following immediate criticism of that post, Nugent doubled down by making several inflammatory claims about the Holocaust. As the controversy continued 10 days later, Nugent finally issued an apology, claiming that he did not realize the image -- which had obvious anti-Semitism imagery and text -- was anti-Semitic.

Even following that controversy, Nugent has continued to be touted by Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, which highlights Nugent's statement that “Cruz is his favorite presidential candidate” on its website. Although he has said that he will not make an endorsement in the GOP primary, Nugent frequently praises Republican contenders Cruz and Donald Trump.

The long-serving NRA board member, who is up for reelection at the NRA's May 2016 annual meeting, frequently uses racially inflammatory language or racial slurs, including using the words "nigger," and "japs," referring to President Obama as a “subhuman mongrel,” calling black rappers “big uneducated greasy black mongrels,” and claiming that Cubans “haven't figured out personal hygiene yet.”