NRO Questions Wendy Davis' “Convenient” Account Of Her Abortions

Wendy Davis

National Review Online (NRO) attacked State Senator Wendy Davis (D-TX) for speaking out about her own experiences with abortion, calling her description of the abortions -- one of which saved her life -- “convenient,” and downplaying the serious health problems that can lead women to choose the procedure.

In her upcoming memoir Forgetting to Be Afraid, Davis disclosed her personal experiences undergoing abortion procedures. Writing about the circumstances that led to her decisions, Davis described a medical abnormality that doctors said “likely was incompatible with life” that led her to terminate a desired pregnancy, and a second procedure following an ectopic pregnancy that threatened her life if it wasn't ended.

In a September 9 post, National Review Online responded to Davis' account by questioning the legitimacy of her story. Calling it “convenient,” the post went on to “question the accuracy of her claims related to the abortion.” The post challenged Davis to provide proof that her abortions were necessitated for medical reasons and went on to dismiss the medical rationale for these types of abortions (emphasis added):

But not all commentary has been focused on the harm Davis suffered post-abortion. Horne said that “only Ms. Davis knows the truth about her alleged abortions. We simply do not know the circumstances of Wendy Davis's apparent abortions.” Horne noted that “it is extremely rare -- if not non-existent -- for a woman to have an abortion because the pregnancy posed a risk to her life. As for fetal anomalies, it simply isn't necessary to abort a child because he or she is sick or has a medical condition.”

“It would be disturbing to think that she may be using her abortions as a way to gain political favor with Democratic voters,” Horne added.

Horne's analysis matches that of a 2004 Guttmacher Institute survey of women who had abortions. The survey found that only 4 percent said that “their most important reason” for having an abortion was “physical problems with my health,” and 3 percent named “possible problems affecting the health of the [baby].”


Maybe she had the abortion, maybe she didn't. Maybe her reasons were as compelling as she claims. But the reasons Davis gives for having had her abortions are unproven and statistically unlikely.

Although few women have late-term procedures, NRO dismisses the very real medical necessity for them to be available. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the majority of serious health conditions that impact both mother and fetus are not discovered until the 20th week of pregnancy or later -- an occurrence that explains why a woman would wait until this point in their pregnancy to undergo the procedure.

UPDATE: On the September 9 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, Wendy Davis responded to NRO's post claiming that her abortion story was “convenient,” asserting that her family “would give anything for this not to be a true story in our lives”:

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