Krikorian calls immigration reform rally an “illegal-alien-palooza”

In a March 17 National Review Online blog post, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies called the rally an “illegal-alien march”:

This Sunday's illegal-alien march in Washington will make it even harder to move amnesty - there's going to be a lot of anger, like at the gay-marriage protests that featured signs that could have come from a tea party. Hopefully, there will be lots of Che Guevara posters and “This Is Our Land” demands, along with the American flags that organizers no doubt bought in bulk at Costco to hand out.

Krikorian also labeled the rally an “illegal-alien-palooza” in a March 18 post:

It's not clear why the Post even agreed to publish the piece, other than it seemed salient in anticipation of Sunday's illegal-alien-palooza on the Mall. Until labor agrees to support an indentured labor program for “temporary” workers, business isn't going to back any bill and nothing's going to move. Wake me when something happens.