Minnesota Public Radio Highlights Media Matters Study Finding A Dearth Of Climate Change Media Coverage In 2015

Paul Huttner: 2015 Was “Perhaps The Most Newsworthy Year For Climate Change ... You'd Think It Would Be All Over The News”

From the March 11 edition of Minnesota Public Radio's Climate Cast:

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PAUL HUTTNER (HOST): Welcome back everybody, I'm MPR News chief meteorologist Paul Huttner. 2015, right? Perhaps the most newsworthy year for climate change in history. It was the second consecutive hottest year on record globally. In fact, I heard from Michael Mann last night, prominent climate scientist, that last year was probably the warmest year in 1, 300 years for planet earth. It was also a record tropical cyclone year in the Northern Hemisphere, and we watched of course the historic climate agreements at the COP 21 meetings in Paris. So you'd think it would be all over the news, right? Well not exactly, a new study from Media Matters out this week says climate change coverage actually fell on network TV newscasts last year. One example, ABC News, did a total of just 13 minutes of climate change coverage last year, and they interviewed precisely zero climate scientists on the network evening newscasts, according to the study.


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