Listen To NPR's Bob Garfield Confront ExxonMobil On Its Decades Of Funding Climate Denial Organizations

From the September 18 edition of NPR and WNYC's On the Media:

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BOB GARFIELD: [Y]ou're kind of changing the subject. This reporting by InsideClimate News doesn't really concern itself with what ExxonMobil has done lately, it's concerning itself with the very sharp change in corporate behavior and apparently strategy 25 years ago. Namely, that you dismantled some significant percentage of this [climate change] research program, and, beginning in about 1989, started pouring millions and millions of dollars in the funding of three dozen organizations, some of which were transparently industry front groups, and some which were right-wing economics advocacy groups, that themselves spent decades in various degrees of climate denial.


Exxon: The Road Not Taken