National Journal Obscures Energy Lobbyist's Background

Mike McKenna, MWR StrategiesIn a Bloomberg op-ed today, former Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) criticizes his fellow conservatives for not dealing in facts when it comes to climate science. The National Journal also has an interesting article out on how a “number of influential Republicans who have left the battlefield of electoral politics are now taking action in an effort to change the GOP's stance” on climate change. After noting that Inglis is making a conservative case for taking action to combat climate change, the article stated:

A leading GOP strategist who advises congressional leadership on energy issues was dismissive of the former officeholders' efforts.

“If you're Bob Inglis and really believe that, the way that we work these things out is that you run for office,” said Republican strategist Mike McKenna. “These retired guys, they say they think this, that, and the other. But if you really want to change it, you have to be on the inside. If you care about this stuff, you run for office. They have been unable to convince anybody that they're right. The working party thinks one thing; these retirees think another. If you want to make a difference, get off the porch and work with the rest of us.”

But who is Mike McKenna and whose interests does he represent?

McKenna is the President of and a lobbyist at MWR Strategies, whose clients are fossil fuel companies, including Koch Industries.

Other news outlets have correctly identified McKenna as an energy lobbyist and asked him to disclose his clients.